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The Wet Nose News is a newspaper
For The Serious Dog Lover!

We at The Denim Dog are very excited to bring you The Wet Nose News. Published quarterly, you will find The Wet Nose News full of great information for dog lovers. The Wet Nose News is the first of its kind in your area! Featuring live content, fresh views, sharp photography and edgy graphics, you will find The Wet Nose News to be enjoyable, informative and entertaining.

The Wet Nose News is designed to educate and create awareness about being a responsible dog owner. The Wet Nose News is quickly becoming a trusted source for all things "dog." The Denim Dog, through The Wet Nose News strives to be a leader in education about dogs; all the while, helping the local dog industry, connecting dog lovers and supporting local non-profit organizations through public awareness.

Look for great articles by trusted professionals relating to anything and everything for you and your dog. Articles by vets, groomers, holistic practitioners, training experts and much more will be featured in each issue. Other exciting things to look for in The Wet Nose News are a dog themed word search and crossword, comics, local dog event calendar, local resources, coupons and much more.

The Wet Nose News is FREE to the public and can be found throughout Southern NJ, Eastern PA and DE. Copies are available at locations such as veterinarian offices, groomers, pet supply stores, local markets, and many other locations. You may also purchase a one-year home delivery subscription for $15.00.

The Wet Nose News will contribute 20%
of proceeds to local non-profit organizations.